High Pressure Regulator

Key Features 

Operates with a high-pressure cylinder. Ideal for use with chemical plants, research laboratories, oil refineries, pressurising aircraft struts, changing accumulators, high pressure testing, general industry and high pressure manifold distribution.

• 2 years warranty

• Manufactured from brass bar

• Manufactured under BS EN ISO 9001

• Pressure gauges conforms to BS EN 5171

• 300 bar service

• Inlet connection: G5/8 BSP RH

• Outlet connection: G3/8 BSP RH

• Fuel Gas on request 

• Available in bottom or side entry

• 2500 / 3600 psi available in side entry only. 


High Pressure Regulators

HL400 High Pressure Regulator


Oxygen - No.HL050104

Nitrogen - No.HL050105

Inert - No.HL050106

Nitrogen Nevoc - No.HL050189

Available in bottom & side entry

HL600 High Pressure Regulator


Oxygen - No.HL050107

Nitrogen - No.HL050108

Inert - No.HL050109

Nitrogen Nevoc - No.HL050108SEN

Available in bottom & side entry

HL800 High Pressure Regulator


Oxygen - No.HL050110

Nitrogen - No.HL050111

Inert - No.HL050112

Nitrogen Nevoc - No.HL050111SEN

Available in bottom & side entry

HL1500 High Pressure Regulator


Oxygen - No.HL050113

Nitrogen - No.HL050114

Inert - No.HL050115

Nitrogen Nevoc - No.HL050114SEN

Available in bottom & side entry

HL2500 High Pressure Regulator


Oxygen - No.HL050116

Nitrogen - No.HL050117

Inert - No.HL050233

Nitrogen Nevoc - No.HL050117SEN

Side Entry Only 

HL3500 High Pressure Regulator


Oxygen - No.HL050168

Nitrogen - No.HL050167

Inert - No.HL050169

Nitrogen Nevoc - No.HL050167SEN

Side Entry Only